Running problems

Update: headed for a repeat of last year’s surgery – MRI shows another tear, with fluid pushing out my LCL and making a sweet little bump on the outside. Gonna try to get in a few more ski days first, and feeling blessed that we can afford for me to have this relatively minor problem fixed. Feet aren’t the problem, looks like the 1st surgery wasn’t completed 100%. At least I’ll know what to expect!

Well I am sad to report that the knee problems I have been plagued with the past 2 years are back in full force. I’m feeling out of shape and it’s hard to want to get back in when things hurt – really, really hurt. I’m getting all kinds of second opinons, etc., but I’m starting to wonder more and more if there’s really anything wrong at all with these:
<img src="toes” alt=”feet” />
Because – thinking back – I never had a single knee problem until I was put in stability shoes for being a wobbly-looking runner. My suspicions have been confirmed by an ankle specialist, a few things I’ve been reading lately, and now I’m wondering if its time for something really crazy – very small amounts of barefoot running and cheap, non-stability shoes. When my love affair with running started in grad school, I had $10 Nikes from the local cheap-o clearance store. I ran 6 miles and was ecstatic – “I can run 6 miles! Wow! I’m thirsty!” And that was the same day I decided to run finish a marathon. I’m sure those shoes had zero stability control. And my knees were fine (shins, well, that was another story and brought on by sheer stupidity).
Now, 2 mile runs leave me crippled for several days and skiing seems to just make the problem worse. But I wonder, if I took off those stupid $110 shoes and gradually built up the strength in my “floppy” “unsuitable” “wonky” “etc., etc., ad nauseum” feet – maybe, just maybe I could get back to enjoying running. At this point, I really don’t have much to lose. The ankle/foot doc said my feet are just fine, they’re just very flexible.
I don’t expect to get fast. I don’t expect to break records of endurance. I just want to be out running the trails with Maddy by my side as the sun is setting, and with Wes ahead of me as we’re completing our next Adventure Race.


2 responses to “Running problems

  1. Like the toe nail polish big red:)
    So any advice for girls whose knees hurt in cheapo shoes? Too many high impact sports??

    Love you! Hope you are able to run without pain soon.

  2. I think you are onto something. I spent years getting my knee examined only to find out that it was a curvature in my back and pronation in my feet that caused the problem with the knee. I wore inserts to adjust my walk and that was incredible. Now I use the chiro just to maintain my alignment, knee has been stable since I started this regimen.

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