Rock climbing adventure

Today we headed up to the mountain that is practically in our backyard for some fun rock climbing time. Unfortunately, our “little” camera decided to quit, so we didn’t get any pictures. We went with a friend who is very experienced to a part of the wall that he has developed – he has set and cleaned about 10 routes up there, single-handedly. It is a strange little spot, no people, well-protected from the wind with the capability of capturing sunshine. We never got cold once today, until we came down!

Abi got to do her first real roped climb today. The guys set up a little top-rope for her, created a harness* out of webbing, and let her do what was just a bit more than a scramble with her snow boots on. Our friend taught her the safety checks (and a little kid saying “belay on?” is pretty darn cute). She loved it! Going up went well, going down she wanted to stop, so Wes just scooped her up (like I said, more of a scramble). Just like skiing, when it stops being fun, we stop doing it. Wes and I got a few climbs in as well, but they were hard and we’ll probably be sore tomorrow. What a great way to kick off the new year together!

*Kids need to be at least 35 lbs for a commercial harness, and it must have a chest support. You can also use a swiss seat with an added chest support if you are experienced. If not, have someone who is experienced help you. I had to defer to the boys on this one.
I found another post with more detailed info about climbing with kids here.

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