Another First Day

up, originally uploaded by mtblaura.

Yesterday we all hit the slopes as a family! Abi was all about skiing – until she had the skis on her feet and found out they are quite slippery on freshly groomed snow. She was a little unhappy about that. To remedy it, I went up the magic carpet (probably like 200 ft of conveyor belt moving slower than you can walk) and then went down in a wedge, making an idiot of myself and trying to show Abi what fun it was. “Look Abi! Weeeee! This is sooooo fun! I want you to come try with me next time!” The guy running the magic carpet thought I was a bit much.
We convinced her to try it, with her grabbing on to my knees for dear life. Once up and once down, then we went and got hot cocoa and people-watched (probably one of Abi’s favorite activities). Wes and I took turns getting a long run in, and we called it a day.
Ahhh, skiing as a family. Not exactly the format for getting in lots of vertical, but hey, its more fun when you do it together. Baby steps, baby steps!


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