Ready for the next season!

first skis, originally uploaded by mtblaura.

We’ve been in need of an athletic goal as a family. This same time last year, we started training for our Adventure Race with Abi in tow. This winter, we’re going to work on getting Abi and I both to be real, actual skiers (hopefully with no injuries this time!).
Abi is all outfitted and ready to go – and we spent a grand total of $75 on all her ski equipment. Since we’re pretty budget-conscious and serious about getting out of debt, we have to be careful with the whole outdoor sports thing. This is the only area where we consistently overspend!
The skis were $25 from a friend with little ones, the boots were $20, helmet $15 and goggles $10, all found at a second hand sports gear store (Play it Again Sports). New kids’ boots alone are usually around $130. Other places to look for kid’s gear are ebay, and of course, ski swaps if you have them in your area.
For our adult skiing needs, we’re planning on hitting up when we get a better idea of what type of skier I am – these guys have some of the best deals on new & used skis on the net! For now, I’ll be trying some demos and using the skis that were generously given to me several years ago by family (original K2 Fours!).
Stay tuned for our training sessions – we’ve been hitting up the Red Rocks stairs, doing massive core workouts, and trying to get my knee and ankle back to tip-top shape (that means LOTS of balance exercises). Of course, Abi won’t do any “training” other than stomping around in her new skis having fun!

4 responses to “Ready for the next season!

  1. Sounds like you and I could hang out on the slopes together. I’m not much of a skier either. Hope you have a great ski season!

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