Cyclocross for Wes

after, originally uploaded by mtblaura.

Wes did his first cyclocross (read: pain) race yesterday in the snow/rain/cold, at the oh-so-sandy Boulder Reservoir. This is the after picture.

He did great, suffering through the 45 minutes of pain like a champ. The Saunders family was there to cheer him on the last few laps as well, Ben had raced that morning and they must have been coooold. The snow was coming down hard for Wes’ first lap, but then it subsided and the remainder of the race was just dreary. We set up the Dirt Coalition tent as well, since Wes was on his new GTR Type CX, we had yet another chance to get GT out on the local race scene. Wes loved the bike, too – components are well-suited for the slop/sand, and it fit him well without feeling too small – that’s saying a lot for the frame geometry. If you check out the start picture from our Flickr stream, you can see that Wes (in the ORANGE Hokies jersey) is about 10″ taller than anyone else in the field.


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