Just kidding…

I saw an ankle specialist today, and he painted a much better picture for me as far as the ankle goes. No surgery, and 3-4 weeks before I can run again. But….trail running is probably out, so that may mean no Nationals still. I will have to see what the physical therapist says. It’s still way better than 12 + weeks of therapy and possibly no running, which was the news I got last week!


6 responses to “Just kidding…

  1. Yay for no surgery, but bummer on the bum wheel….just don’t do what I did. I was so irritated by having a broken ankle I went outside and tried to rollerblade with crutches…then I used about 8 ace bandages to brace the ankle and when out for a hike. Got a great case of poison ivy under my cast.

  2. I am happy that there won’t have to be a surgery! I will be in town starting on the 1st of Sept. Let’s try to get together.

  3. i loved the picture of you and abby on the horse!i used to ride when i lived on the farm. i cannot imagine bike riding 75 miles. your ankle must be o.k. love, grandma

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