Leadville 100 and the end of a season

Last night we headed up to Leadville to help with an aid station for a little race called the Leadville 100. Oh wait – its not so little anymore. Ever since this guy named Lance started showing up its been getting bigger and bigger. Wes’ company sponsored one of the 2 main aid stations, and we had no idea what we were in for when we rolled into a very packed town yesterday afternoon. Once we saw how much stuff had to get from the “Warehouse” to the aid station in the mountains, we started to get the drift. We were at the Powerline station, which was mile 24 and mile 76, so we got a pretty good feel for how the race played out!
Last night we set up pallets and pallets of stuff for a while, then watched the meteor shower and hit the tent for one of our best nights camping so far this summer. This morning we woke up to cold rain and wind. The weather got better over the day. Wes and I ran the gamut of helping jobs from cooking ramen noodles en masse, timing work, handing out coke after coke after coke, chasing down Abi, and clean up. There were 1400 racers and at one point I had called out and Wes had written down every.single.one. of their race numbers.
Oh yeah, and we got to see the epic showdown between Lance Armstrong and local hero Dave Wiens (6-time winner). If either one of those guys wanted something from the aid station (which they didn’t, since they have their own pit crews) they would have had to serve themselves, we were all so busy taking pictures of them. Then, back to work as soon as they sped through. It was amazing to see them in action, and amazing to see all the other athletes out there pushing themselves to the limit today.

L.A. Himself

L.A. Himself

Dave Wiens, local hero

Dave Wiens, local hero

Umm…and Lance won this year, with quite a margin, and although I have a lot of new-found respect for him, we were still rooting for Dave. But it was an amazing battle.
A bit of news for those who follow here – I am now done racing (and running, mountain biking, and swimming) for this year. I got a call from my doctor on the way up to Leadville that my little ankle sprain was actually a ruptured ligament, so I am looking at potential surgery or at least 3 months of rehab work before even attempting running again. The orthopedist gets to make that call. I am bummed, but it’s been a great season, and I don’t really believe in chance or coincidence. God has something in mind that I am not aware of.


3 responses to “Leadville 100 and the end of a season

  1. That was a lot of news! Thanks for the posting. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Let me know the details when you get them.

  2. Laura that is such a bummer, I am so sorry to hear that. It’s definitely for a reason though, so it’s exciting to see what that will turn out to be! Let me know if I can help you get through the 3 months in anyway!

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