What’s in our Camping Box?

I’ve gotten the question several times – what do we keep in that (supposedly) always-stocked camping box? Here’s what our family takes camping (other than a tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, clothes, camp stove, food, toys, fishing gear, training potty, and camp chairs):
– propane for camp stove
– Lighters: regular and manual

Manual starter on the bottom

Manual starter on the bottom

– Fat Wood (a fire starting stick, great if it is raining)
– Spatula and large spoon
– Aluminum foil
– Small cutting board and knife
– Backpacking mess kit (2 saucepans and lid)
– Small skillet
– Camp dishes kit: we have a cool snap-together one from GSI, but melamine dishes from the thrift store or Target would work just as well!
– Utensils: I recently bought a set from the thrift store for 29 cents each, then made a little fabric roll to keep them in.
– cast iron dutch oven: for making cobblers, mostly, of whatever fruit is in season. Peaches this weekend.
– dutch oven liners (found at Wal-Mart and the GREATEST thing ever)
– Salt, pepper, cinnamon
– Collapsible sink: a plastic dishpan would work just as well
– Biodegradable dish soap
– Pack towel, regular dish towels, scrub sponge, and wash rag
– Trash bags (lots)
– Paper towels
– TOILET PAPER: we usually do primitive camping, but even so, sometimes campgrounds run out
– Baby wipes: we try to make sure its a full box just in case
– Flashlight, head lamps, extra batteries
– Ponchos
– Emergency blanket and water purification tabs
– Small first aid kit
– Glow sticks for fun with Abi
– Newest addition: bug jar!

Wish list:
– Backpacker’s oven
– Fillet knife for fish (then we don’t have to gut them! Woo!)

We keep things separated with zip-loc bags. It’s certainly not packing light, but for car camping we usually have everything we need. It all fits, just barely, in a large plastic tote. I *try* to restock anything we used up and wash anything we dirtied when we return. I can’t say that it always happens that way, we made pancakes without a spatula twice this summer.
We had a great time camping in the Medicine Bow National Forest this weekend and meeting up with our friend Matthew, who came all the way from Montana on his motorcycle. He knew us in our backpacking days and was shocked at just how much stuff we carry along now. This coming weekend we will be volunteering with Wes’ company at the Leadville 100 and camping out at least one night again, it’s getting to be a good habit of ours this summer!

This is why we need a fillet knife.
This is what happens when not enough fish are caught for dinner….


One response to “What’s in our Camping Box?

  1. Dad really likes the “why we need a fillet knife” picture. So do I. Your expression is priceless. That one is a keeper. As far as the contents of the box goes – are you really bored or something? (Just kidding – I love lists, you know that! I used to have one for backpacking…now I have one for vacation packing…)

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