Tea for Pee

We have been in the wonderful world of potty training last week and this week. Abi has a sticker chart with special “treats” thrown in along the way. She loves counting to see how many more stickers until the next treat (counting as in “1, 2, 3, 4, 8!”). Today she earned a tea party with me, complete with fancy tablecloth, dresses, dancing, dancing shoes (both Abi’s request), Veggie Tales music (which I am starting to detest), Pink cookies she picked out herself, and tea (that was never drank, I might add). We got her dance shoes a few months ago and she has grown into them, so mostly she wanted to dance, with me. It is pretty hard to dance with one working ankle, so we did left-footed pirouettes, arabesques, and battements. And, of course, lots and lots of twirling.

4 responses to “Tea for Pee

  1. How fun! Love the ballet shoe picture. Abi will treasure that one I bet when she gets older. She has SUCH a cool mom!

  2. Oh potty training….I am beginning to start with Rachel now. I hope it is easier with girls than it is with boys!

  3. You girls look very dainty in your pink slippers. Nice pink dress, too. What fun – wish I could have been there. I would have worn a floppy hat, beads, and a frilly dress. Remember to put your little finger out of the way when you drink your tea!

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