We have been doing other stuff, too….

Sheesh, I’m embarrassed that with all the racing going on the last two months I really haven’t blogged about anything else. I’ve got some ideas for blog posts coming up soon and improving the content of the blog, but here is a quick catch-up of other things we did this month. My parents came out in the middle of July and we had a wonderful visit. It was really hard to see them go after a great week together. I got to tour the mine with Wes and see how his eyes light up when he gets underground. It was every bit as scary down there as I had imagined, but we had a great time together – just he and I. He never ceases to amaze me. He’s registered for a class at Mines in the fall and is contemplating starting a PhD in the near future.
Abi is talking up a storm now. Just about every day she reminds us of something that happened a while ago or says something totally hilarious. We have recently ventured into the not-so-fun world of potty training. She makes up songs constantly (content depending on her current mood) and also likes to attempt the ABC song about 50 times a day (there are a lot of F’s and W’s in her version). She draws smiley faces and people (which are a circle on top of a line). She drew me one day when my face was breaking out, with red dots all over the circle and said “That’s Mommy. Mommy’s face poopy.” Thanks, sweetie.
Here are some pictures of our family exploits, and check the flickr site for more!

One response to “We have been doing other stuff, too….

  1. Neato pictures of the inside of the mine. Now I want to tour, too, but, it does look a little eerie. Cool pictures of our vacation together.

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