I shouldn’t be writing this…

Because there is a lot to do today! My parents are flying out tomorrow, and then we’re headed straight up to the mountains to enjoy XTERRA Beaver Creek and get in some outdoors time. This is the biggest XTERRA I have done so far, and I know the field will be fierce, and I’ll likely be towards the back of it, giving my all. I’m starting to get used to being towards the back of the pack, but I also don’t want to settle for that. I think I just need to focus a bit more and not be scared of hurting my knee. I’ve also decided that I WILL qualify for Worlds sometime before I am 50, so I need to be giving it my all now in order to learn!

Abi and I have had an intestinal bug for about 7 days straight and I think it’s finally over. I haven’t felt queasy or gone running to the bathroom yet today, so I have my fingers crossed. I am trying to down lots of electrolytes and calories to get ready for Saturday. I am also preparing to Lysol my entire house (please ignore that comment if you’ve gotten natural-cleaning advice from me. I am a HUGE believer in it, but not when stomach germs are hanging about just waiting for a hapless victim. Call me a hypocrite).

I’ll get a race report up as soon as I can, probably early next week. Hope that you enjoy another great summer weekend!

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