What did we do this weekend?

After one night in our own beds, we headed to Chatfield State Park to support Sonja in her 17-hour training day. We made sure that she didn’t get any sleep the night before by making Abi scream for 30 minutes before bed. We provided free entertainment and generally got in the way. Overall, it was a fun day, and interesting to watch a long endurance day (MUCH longer than any I’ve done) from the outside rather than the inside. Sonja and her compadres did great, completing all that they wanted to for the day, and I can’t wait to see how Ironman Canada goes for all 4 of them! Read more about it from Sonja’s perspective (and see more pics) on her blog. Here are some pictures (credit to Sonja) from that amazing day!
Wes didn’t fit in the safety kayak, which meant I got to do it.
Abi and Annie are great friends, they get along so well.
The ones in blue, those are the 4 17-hour-ers
Me chillaxin’ in the kayak, watching the sun coming up.


One response to “What did we do this weekend?

  1. What an amazing thing to do for an amazing friend! Wow! 17 hours of working out. I can’t even do 10 minutes, unless it’s housework…. which is never planned for maximum aerobic benefit or anything other purpose, other than to allay guilt, and so you can walk through the room 🙂

    Liked the toe picture the best, with sunset in the background. Funny how Wes didn’t fit in the kayak. He needs an extra-long in that. Ha, ha…

    We can hardly wait to come see more amazing feats (or feets?) in your neck of the woods.

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