How to make a furlough week fun

Wes has a furlough week right now. Somehow he still had to go in to work yesterday morning, so we decided to have Abi and I meet him up in the mountains for some camping and some training. We found a sweet camping spot off a jeep road somewhat near Breckenridge (comment me if you want the exact location). There was also lots and lots of dead wood for the picking, so not only was the camping free and – hold your breath – secluded (a rarity in Colorado) – firewood was free too. We were near a big beaver dam area, so there were a few mosquitoes, but there were also fish. Wes brought the fly rod and we each took a few turns fishing although he was the only one with a catch. I actually made him go back and catch it again. I’m not a true fly-fisherwoman because I think trout are DEEE-LICIOUS. We cooked up the one lone fish and I ate it. Yum.

This morning I had some intervals to get to on the bike so I headed up – and up – and up and ended up above treeline on a fun, steep jeep road. The thin air definitely gets to me but overall I felt great. I only saw 2 motocross bikes the whole time. It was a really nice, quick 24-hour getaway and I hope we do this even more. We leave our camping box always packed and stocked so we can throw it in the jeep along with the tent and sleeping bags at any moment.

If you have a little one, don’t be afraid of camping, it makes for the best memories! Abi pretended she was a mosquito, roasted sticks, got in and out of the tent 100 times, and went looking for frogs. The lack of sleep is a bit to be expected, but we think it’s worth it.

Big meadow and beaver dams nearby

Big meadow and beaver dams nearby

Wes got a little too into chopping wood - he's fine.

Wes got a little too into chopping wood - he's fine.

One happy dog

One happy dog

Goofing off around the campfire

Goofing off around the campfire


4 responses to “How to make a furlough week fun

  1. Looks awesome! I’m jealous. I really think I want to try some camping, but I have zero camping equipment or experience (other than in our pop-up camper we used to take to the lake as a kid, or church camp!)…

  2. We’ll have to go camping together sometime and we can all bring our fly rods! And if Gaye wants to join us, we many spare tents and sleeping bags.

  3. Wow! Sounds awesome. What do you keep stocked in your camping box? I would like to see a video of Miss Abi’s mosquito impression!:)

  4. wow, fun! Sorry that Wes has to do the furloughs too. I want to go off-Jeep-road, dead wood camping next time I visit.

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