XTERRA Buffalo Creek

– Camping by the lakeside on a beautiful night
– Making 6 dozen Snickerdoodles to share with friends & tent visitors. Carb loading?
– Making new friends and meeting up with old friends
– Campfire and s’mores with new friends while watching Abi let herself out of tent and run around in dark
– Watching Abi screech with delight at every detail of camping (again)
– Great spot in transition and time to make and eat breakfast
– Time to warm up for the swim
– Swimming in the mountains
Wes says Abi kept saying “I see Mommy!” while looking at the ground with the binoculars
– Staying in the main pack of women swimmers and actually getting on some feet for the 1st time (swimming equivalent of drafting)
Start of the 2nd lap of the swim, I’m the one with my head popped out sighting
– Having my best swim in a tri to date. Took 6 minutes out of last year’s time by just not worrying about it.
– Looking really awesome in my 80’s rockstar glasses and compression socks
– No leg cramping
– Beautiful wildflowers all over the place
– Incredible, classy competitors

– Rain & wind on the run but not the bike (I actually go faster when the weather is cruddy….go figure)
– Consistent run practicing new running technique, seemed to work
– Seeing a good friend have an awesome 1st triathlon experience
– Getting people interested in GT bikes
– Finishing faster than last year, even 3 months out of knee surgery
– Hammer Gel + nuun = no stomach cramps, none.
– Hugs and kisses from my two favorite fans

– Watching Abi screech with delight at every detail of camping, including at 11pm and 4:30 am.
– Getting whip-kicked in the gut during the swim while rounding a buoy (but, survived, and didn’t stop swimming)
– Long transition times, especially with putting on the compression socks
– Still didn’t eat/drink enough
– Wondering why my legs still feel slow & sluggish, there must be something to learn here! (Athletes: Any suggestions on training to get some speed? I’ve never had this issue, where my base is strong but can’t get my leg speed if that makes sense)

Last year:
10/18 in age group; 3:44:54.10 SWIM: 40:18 T1: 2:03 BIKE: 2:12:47 T2: 1:25 RUN: 48:23
This year:
10/14 in age group, 42/71 overall; 3:33:15.75 SWIM: 34:34 T1: 3:17 BIKE: 2:08:16 T2: 1:28 RUN: 45:43
It’s kind of fun to see what the difference was on the same course from last year to this year!

This race reminded me of why I want to do XTERRAS. It was so much fun for all three of us, like a mini-vacation. I also realized that while Worlds may be a pipe dream given the way things are going, Nationals is within reach and I should do my best to qualify. That way, I won’t be sitting around next fall wondering what would have happened if I tried. The way I felt after finishing this year was roughly 8,000 times better than last year. I just read this quote and I thought it really applied to where I’m at and finding out that this knee thing actually is a setback:

“For a lot of cyclists, often younger racers, setbacks can seem like the end of the world. Not [Chris] Horner. ‘Maybe the rest of the day he’s bummed,’ Elliott says, ‘but already, he’s looking forward to the next race, the next opportunity.'” – Article on Chris Horner, pro cyclist for Team Astana

Here’s to looking forward & moving forward.

5 responses to “XTERRA Buffalo Creek

  1. Nice job on a great race Laura! What an improvement over last year, that swim time is really coming down! It looks like you had such a blast camping, it sure wears out the kiddos doesn’t it!

  2. Way to go! I am so happy to see that your swim time improved – see so all that swimming did help after all. I am starting to get a wee bit nervous for the tri coming up, but I know I am doing good in training because I kicked Hans butt on our ride yesterday. He isn’t in good shape, so it was kind of like cheating, but at least he said he was trying to beat me. I’m glad you had such a good experience this race – with still many more to come.

  3. I love the picture of Abi looking out into the scenery. “Looking really awesome in my 80’s rockstar glasses and compression socks”–always important! :oP you did great!

  4. Wow, Laura, I can’t believe you did another race; and so soon after the last one! You are awesome! Glad to hear you had some good things to say about your own efforts.

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