Back on Track

Thanks for allowing my honesty on this blog (well, I guess you don’t allow it so much as you just continue to read it for some reason). All of the comments on my last post helped, and after a tough week of slogging through life and training, I feel better mentally and physically. Sometimes you just have to keep going. A great workout with a good friend and a tough hill climb on Saturday reminded me of why I love doing this and lifted my mood considerably.
I’m excited about representing COMBA as well as IMBA and GT Bikes at Buffalo Creek this coming weekend. We’ll be camping with good friends and enjoying beautiful scenery. I’ll get to test my mettle on the same fantastic course as my first XTERRA last year (er…this will still only be my 3rd one).
I realized I need to train mentally as well as physically (well, duh) and this week I am focusing on that. A little preparation will help keep me from the after-race trough that I inevitably fall in when I don’t prepare.
I’ll leave you with one last thought. This past week, there was an incredible rainbow arching over Denver after a thunderstorm. It stretched completely from end to end, and the colors were so bright they looked like a neon sign. Our pastor this weekend told about an experience where God reminded him that He is the one who makes the rainbows – we don’t. That was a good reminder for me, too – to keep doing with diligence the tasks I have been given to do, enjoy them, and let God handle the rest. It’s really not that hard.
Um, yeah the phone pic doesn’t do it justice. But it was amazing!


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