I am having a blah week and need to own up to it, so here goes. Sorry if it sounds complainy.
I am really disappointed with my time from the triathlon last weekend, and while I vowed that this wouldn’t be about times and performance, somehow it is now. I spent all winter swimming really hard, and didn’t improve my swim time by one minute. I also built more base than I have had in years, and it allowed me to feel fine when I finished, but nothing else. My knee has been killing me. Which makes me think – perhaps training is just chasing the wind? I do love what swimming 3 and 4 times a week has done for my overall health and fitness. I guess the nagging thought I keep having is that I after Buffalo Creek I should just finish out the season with long mountain bike races while continuing to cross train – sticking to a good sustainable fitness plan. My original dream of qualifying for Nationals and maybe, just maybe Worlds seems like one worth dropping. It is a time and resource-intensive process if I am not committed to it. Is that just taking the easy way out? Or is it just realizing that I should enjoy it on a smaller, more realistic level?


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  1. Laura,

    Hang in there!!!! I’ve found the the best rewards at the end of the hardest travels. You’ll never know what’s around the corner until you get around the corner….


  2. Or maybe you are just frustrated because you are falling back into your “I’m going to overanalyze my race after it happens” patterns. You licked this last year, where is that girl?

    That girl that I saw swimming in that video is NOT the girl I swam with last year. That girl in the video can swim and her stroke looks so smooth and relaxed. Open water swim times are crap, the course can be long, it can be short. You can’t take all of your hard work and bump it up against one swim time and make any conclusions. You just can’t Laura, so don’t.

    Where are the goods? Why are you feeling like you are falling short? I think you are progressing well and you are on your way to Nationals, you can’t give up when it gets a little scary.

    Dig deep girlee, take a little time to reward yourself for a job well done. I know you love this stuff, call me if ya wanna vent a little more and I’ll kick you in the butt a little more.

    xoxoxo ,
    Your Biggest Fan

  3. ditto what goSonja said. And, you are still really new at XTERRA’s and it takes practice to figure out all of the tricks. Keep pursuing your dream because it is too early to say that it isn’t possible to reach it and if you quit now, you’ll always wonder if you had stuck it out for a few more years what would have happened.

    Take care of your knee though and listen to your body. I’d hate to see a bad injury that keeps you in pain for the rest of your life. I’m impressed with your progress and definitely am scared to ride with you 🙂 You’ll kick my $@!*$

  4. I say train and race like you are going to qualify for nationals this year. If you don’t make it this year, it is just that much more experience and fitness to utilize for next year’s season, when you will qualify for nationals. Stop with the stinkin’ thinkin’!

  5. Here’s my take on this. I’m a firm believer that there are 2 types of athletes in this world (1) people that are born with it, i.e. naturals, and (2) people who are not but train really hard to and can do great things. I think i’m #2, i’m not willing to kill myself training 7 days a week, but i really enjoy racing/training and pushing myself and make up for a little of my lack of athleticness (sp?) with mental toughness. Being strong enough mentally to work through the metaphorical “valleys” in order to get to the “peaks” can go a very long way in a race as well as training. I know you know this…you’ve even blogged about it.

    I honestly think you are in the #1 category. Ever since i’ve known you you struck me as a natural, but there nothing wrong with letting life get in the way a little either. Even as a natural you have to be a little bit crazy in order to become the best especially when you want “fun” in the equation and you have a family to balance. I train with a few of the people that fall into the category of being a natural and a little crazy with being the best and their outside relationships suffer and it never really looks like they’re having any fun. I think you can do great things, but need to get over the mental hurdles. Definitely nothing wrong with having big goals, but do the best you can do to reach them and if it doesn’t work out at least you’re having FUN. if you’re not having fun then either change your training, change a goal, or don’t do it at all… is way to short to do something that you don’t enjoy.

    I’m not going to give you my opinion on what you should do regarding XTERRAs in the future, but if you decide you need a change you’ve always got ARs with Wes! 🙂

  6. I think you are just having a natural “let-down” from your experience. You worked very hard and had high expectations of the result of that work. If you were able to do the XTERRA and not feel extremely tired – you did a fantastic thing! Perhaps traveling right before the XTERRA was not the best strategy. It may have sapped some of your mental/physical strength in a way that could have affected your performance.

    Each of us have a certain amount of mental energy. We must determine how best to divide it up each day. Of course, God and family come first on the list. After that, you have to decide. I wouldn’t give any of my mental energy to negative thoughts. They are a waste of time and do not build you up.

    Your basic values and ideals have not changed. You are just tired in a way you may not have been tired before. So, allow yourself to rest; enjoy life and take all the positives in deeply – and then Get Going on your training plan Again!

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