Believed In

In case it isn’t apparent from my writing here, I am not a particularly confident person. It’s something I struggle with, more in my personal life than in my academic and professional life. I struggle with confidence in my athletic ability, although the struggles here ultimately help build confidence in other areas of my life.
There is something about this GT Dirt Coalition that has boosted my confidence. I am climbing faster, riding harder, and riding differently. The solo woman out racing at Buena Vista told me I was a strong girl, and instead of doubting her, I simply said “Thanks! So are you!” and kept on riding (and ultimately, passed her). That’s the first time I have believed someone when they gave me a compliment. Yesterday I went for a climb at Belcher and hit it faster than ever, by 10 minutes, with a sinus infection. I think it boils down to one thing: I know that I am believed in. It’s not so much the (extremely sweet) bike, the racing in a team kit, the visibility: it’s more that GT believes in me. That gives me confidence. That’s why my riding is noticeably better.
Which got me thinking – that proves that God believes in me too. Obviously, He caused all this to happen, and it certainly goes beyond off-road triathlons. And the best part about that? He believes in me regardless of past or present accomplishments. So, I can go forward with confidence as my first XTERRA is only 2 weeks away. Confidence in what? Not in myself or my training but in something much bigger than that. I am believed in. And so are you. Just think about it.


3 responses to “Believed In

  1. This is awesome! You should share that with Ron – then he’ll probably make you preach it (or share it himself) on Sunday. I love the new pic on your webpage too.

    I believe in you too by the way. You are one of the most amazing and awesome people I know.

  2. I agree. That’ll preach. I hope you don’t mind but I tweeted a bit of what you said on Twitter. Now that’s what I call confidence in Christ šŸ™‚

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