Ready to Rock

Getting the oodles of gear together

Getting the oodles of gear together

Tomorrow we leave for Buena Vista for our first 12-hour adventure race. This has been in the works for a long time. Training started in November, and dreaming and scheming started about 5 years ago when we volunteered at a 24-hour race. The gear-buying has been out of control. I thought we had a lot of gear. Oh, no. I just did the budget and I don’t even want to think about it. We now own as many Camelbaks as we have bikes. And you don’t want to know how many that is. Thankfully, the paddling gear can all be rented so we were spared that one expense.
I am excited about a long, fun day with my best friend, and a fun weekend with good friends Troy, Sonja, and Annie. Not only are they watching Abi while we race, they are also running support crew for us, so it should be a blast.
Nervous? A little. Getting my usual neuroses on about packing? Oh, definitely. The gear list is just unbelievable, and if we can get it all in the car and down the road, I will be breathing a deep sigh of relief. Goals? Well, I don’t have any super-secret over-ambitious ones like normal. This time, the goals are 1: Have fun with Wes and 2: Try to finish. That’s it. The whole point of this is relationship-building and base-building.
We’re going to be setting up the Dirt Coalition tent at the finish area after we are done (whenever that is….) and I will have brownies for people! Come by and see us!


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