Up and Onward

Today was our biggest training day before our adventure race in two weeks. This was the measuring stick – are we ready after my knee surgery and other setbacks we have encountered? I think the answer is YES, but it is going to hurt a little!
We did about 4 hours of mountain biking and hit 4 different trails systems, making one big loop. We followed that up with a little over an hour of trekking (trail running / fast hiking – doesn’t “trekking” sound so much more fun than “running real slow”?). It was a beautiful day, and nearly all the trails we hit were dry, although there were a few isolated patches of mud.
I have a theory about long-distance things. It’s the crux theory. The crux is the part where you are sure you’re going to quit. Everything hurts, you’re tired, your thoughts are negative, and you are going slow. Everyone hits their crux at a different point. Usually mine is 5-6 hours in. Today, we had ridden 3 miles before I was ready to quit (that was fast!). The first 7 miles were all UP, and I was having a conflict of sorts – my head said “you’re not strong enough! And your confidence is totally shot!” and my heart said “You’re the strong athlete I know you can be, so stop making excuses.” Thankfully, Wes is very in tune with my heart and he told me to “Stop making excuses all day long” and “You can do this, Laura.” So I got real quiet for a while, then the adrenaline kicked in, and I was over my crux. Wes hit his at about 3.5 hours and by then I was so chatty I think I drove him totally nuts. But of course, he got over his too.
I could go on and on about the new bike (GT Marathon Pro) but we did a lot of climbing, descending, fast trails, and technical stuff, and it handled everything perfectly. It climbs better than any bike I have ever owned, no question. I can’t wait to race on it.
For the run, I threw on my compression stockings and used the trekking poles. I know I looked stupid, but Man o Man did that help! I did my longest run since the surgery and felt great. Wes was doing better by then but we did learn what not to eat between biking and running.
Overall, it was a great day and totally worth the $$ we spent on a babysitter – I got to have an adventure with my best best friend! Our teamwork is spot on – we are getting good at pushing each other and also pacing each other out. We are going to have another fun adventure in 2 weeks!
After the ride. ‘Nuff said.


One response to “Up and Onward

  1. Wow! You and Wes are a great team. That is so cool to hear how you know to help push and encourage each other at the right time. So glad to hear it was a good ride/run and I totally agree that trekking does sound WAY cooler than “running really slow” 🙂

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