Trip East

Abi and I just got back from a 5-day trip east. We had a baby shower and a bridal shower to go to, I wish I had some pics from the baby shower, but forgot my camera!
We also got to go to the National Zoo on Friday with Byron, that was actually a lot of fun and great to have a little family face time too (I have a thing about going to the zoo, but the Orangutans made it totally worth it). One Orangutan put a burlap sack over his head and started rolling around the ground and playing peek-a-boo, you can imagine that Abi was screeching with delight. We also got to see them climb on a high wire 30 feet over our heads. It’s not a show or anything, just what they do for fun.
Both the mom-to-be and the bride-to-be were absolutely beautiful, glowing, and really enjoyed the parties in their honor. It’s very weird to me that we are all grown up now.


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