Always bite off….

More than you can chew. That’s what one of my favorite water bottles says. I suppose I’m living it these days, with a 12-hour adventure race coming up in less than 4 weeks and all….and a bum knee.
We got in what was probably our last week of on-snow training fun recently, and my friend Jason, who stayed with us for a short bit, got some pictures of us out & about.
I’ve been back in the pool 3-4 times per week the last 2 weeks, and I think I’m close to where I left off with that.
I’m getting in some decent time on the bike, most notably climbing Lookout Mountain about 10 minutes faster than last year while still recovering. So that’s encouraging.
Running – sigh. Today I met my friend Charlotte at the dog park. Before she got there, I did a little jogging on the trails. I finally DIDN’T HURT. I was so excited, ecstatic, really. Taking yesterday off seemed to have helped. Well, then as we were walking, this lady comes jogging by with her dog, and the dog runs at me FULL BORE and jumps on me – not just any part of me, but my left leg, right above my knee. I screamed, crouched to the ground, and was crying hysterically (which is not a normal thing for me, in case you were wondering).The lady didn’t stop, look, or anything. Oh well. I’m okay, but noticeably more sore than I was this morning so it’s kind of a bummer.
Tomorrow we have our orienteering meet for practice, and meeting the Easter Bunny, which is part of any good training regime!


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