GT = awesome

We had an assignment to get a picture in our new team gear – I couldn’t resist posing for it with Juliana, who also raced for GT, way back in the day. I have had this poster of Juliana Furtado since I left for college – the guys at the shop gave it to me. She goes with me everywhere. When I had camp jobs, she hung on my wall, she hung out in my dorm room and college apartments, and she has traveled with us out west. Of course, I’m not going to be a multiple-time world champion like she was, but I think its pretty awesome to be racing for GT, just like she did way back in the day.


3 responses to “GT = awesome

  1. Hey Laura! Just checked out your blog from FB and wanted to congratulate you on the GT sponsorship. That is so cool! Good luck in all your races! What fun!!! 🙂 Also great blog!

  2. Laura – you look soo healthy and happy! Riding that new GT bike must be just the thing to make you smile! Having one of your icons of racing in the background is very good for your morale, I see.

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