I realized I had better write this stuff down before I forget. Here are a few of Abi’s sayings the last few weeks.
“Mommy, Miwk in Yeh-yow tup, peese” = Mommy, milk in yellow cup, please = I almost passed out when she said her first full sentence, immediately upon waking up, sometime last week
“Ooof. Hea-wy” = Oof, Heavy = what she says when anything is hard, including slushy sidewalks, or trying to pick up the wall (?)
“Hi Mommy. Howyou?” = Hi Mommy, how are you?
“No, Daddy. Sop.” = Stop singing, Daddy.
“NO! Puh-pull shirt!” = I only wear purple shirts. How dare you try to put a green one on me.
“Daddy? Where areyou, Daddy?” = Can’t find you Daddy, and I need some attention.
“No. Abi do it.” = You can guess this one. She wears her shoes on the wrong feet all the time.
“Two, Free, Two!” “Two, Four, Two!” “Five, Eight, Nine!” = her version of counting
“Oooh! A baby sister! Abi’s baby sister?” = My least favorite Abi saying right now….
She also started calling us “Dad” and “Mom” this week….and finally,
“I noo noo” = I love you = my favorite

Oh, I forgot the funniest:
Snuh-applesauce = Snuffleupagus (from Sesame Street).


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