No more garden blog….Twitter?

In the vein of “I am trying to do way too much stuff” I have deleted the gardening blog. If anything spectacular happens with our food-growing adventures, you’ll hear about them on here.
Also – Twitter. If you are a Twitter user and think its worthwhile, please comment me. I am considering using it, but I have some issues with the basic idea of it. Maybe its time for me to reconsider?


3 responses to “No more garden blog….Twitter?

  1. Twitter, though overwhelming at first, is great! I’ve even gotten Jordan hooked, which I thought was an impossible feat. It’s replaced Facebook as my go-to distraction and I feel it’s perfect for stuff not worthy of a complete blog post, but stuff you still deem share-worthy. Try it out =) I’m zoomamyd on Twitter.

  2. Oh and btw: I’m really hoping you blog about when to plant what…like a Front Ranger’s guide to gardening… We’re planning on starting a little garden this year and could really use some guidance!

  3. Hi Laura! So I ordered the freezer cookbooks this week and I am super excited to start doing this! I think it will help so much, I just need a little guidance how to start. I was just thinking about doing a week or two worth of food and working up to it, is that how you started? Ok, maybe on you comment link is not the best way to get all the info, but if you get a chance, could you e-mail me some insight and how you got started? I have already talked to some friends about it too, and they are on board if this works for me. I hope you are enjoying spring so far, take care!!

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