14 days to go….

Until I am released to “load” my knee. I am feeling SO much better both physically and emotionally. I went to PT today and got the go-ahead to increase my time on the bike and actually ride outside (road bike only). No mountain biking just yet, since the jarring, standing on, and dropping of the leg is considered loading the joint, as is running. But – I can build up a wicked base on the road bike and I intend to get back to it once I get my bike times ramped up. I also got in the pool for the first time yesterday and realized that most of the fitness is still there. I’ll be swimming at practice again Friday if everything keeps up! Well, the rollers are calling me….gotta go!


One response to “14 days to go….

  1. Hey girl, I hope your knee keeps getting better fast! I’m trying to resolve a lingering back injury, so I feel you where all this stuff in concerned.
    And if I get a line on a hot umbrella boy, I promise I’ll get him to hold yours too! 🙂


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