It’s here!

The bike came today. Oh my. Such excitement. Every time the dog barked, Wes would go running out front to see if it was the FedEx truck. It arrived safe and sound this afternoon, and it was almost completely assembled by the fantastic folks at GT!
All I really had to do to my GT Marathon Pro was put my pedals on it, attach the stem, and make a few minor adjustments. I rode it around the yard. No substitute for a real ride, but I haven’t yet been released to do that – maybe next week. Not only did my knee finally feel good (I woke up to CLOSED incisions – swimming next week is so ON!), but while the technology is of-the-moment, the cockpit of the bike is remarkably like my old GT Zaskar (which I miss a lot) – I was grinning from ear to ear. It is going to be a FANTASTIC race season.
The bike is lighter than Wes’ Yeti and GT has a unique linkage called iDrive that reduces pedal bob and increases pedal efficiency very well. I am really looking forward to hitting up the local trails on this puppy. The rear shock is the FOX RP-23 which has a HUGE range of adjustability. My favorite little tech item on this bike is the remote lockout for the front fork (Fox RL Remote) – it’s right on the handlebar and super easy to use. For off-road tris, an easily reachable lockout is awesome, because we will visit dirt roads a lot, and in my opinion, suspension isn’t needed there. Then, when its time for some serious singletrack, I just flick my index finger over and I’m back on. Super cool!
We also set up the Dirt Coalition tent in the back yard, and my team kit came yesterday. My favorite is the cute hat! More details to come, of course, but here are the pictures….

Soo happy!

Soo happy!

We are all ready for a great racing season!

We are all ready for a great racing season!

GT Marathon Pro

GT Marathon Pro


7 responses to “It’s here!

  1. Way cool! Your ear to ear grin says it all. I bet your itching to get that knee in shape. But don’t push it harder than the doc sez. You’ll be ready to go before long.

    Hey, I’m thinkin’ that having your own shade after a race isn’t a bad thing. That tent will be just the ticket. The Abinator is looking pretty amazing. You could get quite a workout just lifting her these days.

  2. Wow! Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!
    Does GT stand for Great Tracks?
    What a nice tent. It will keep you from the bright sun.
    What a season to look forward to…

  3. Awesome! You look great and ready to get racing! We are both super excited for you! Maybe we will be able to visit and catch a race.

  4. Hi Laura,

    This is Marty Caivano, another one of the Dirt Coalition riders. I just got my bike, too…awesome! So I’m wondering, are you racing Battle the Bear? I’m contacting all the CO riders to see who’s going, so we know how many tents are showing up there. I would be glad to take the lead in calling the promoter ahead of time. 🙂

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