Keep on Truckin’

Back of mom's head

Back of mom's head

I’m pretty much banned from running for the near future. Abi and I had a down day yesterday, so we took a hike from the house to the nearby open space. I love that I can walk 1/2 mile and be at the foot of a mountain! It was windy, sunny, and warm, and just the mental relief I needed. Abi really enjoyed our hike too, since there were lots of horse farms all around, we talked about “horseys” and counted them – a lot. I am having to hike with poles now, but at least I’m getting in some weight-bearing exercise. Lugging 30 pound of squirmy toddler up and down the mountain counts as weight-bearing, right? Abi brought her camera and shot about 30 pictures of the back of my head.
I got some semi-bad news Tuesday. The knee pain I have had for over a year is actually a torn meniscus (cartilage) and it is getting worse, almost weekly now. I can’t run more than 2 miles or even drive our stick-shift cars without pain. It also tends to lock up on me, so even though I could push through I can’t physically move it. Eek! The ortho I saw on Tuesday recommended surgery immediately. He’s a sports medicine guy and when I told him about my upcoming races, he said that if I don’t do anything, or continue to try PT and bracing, I won’t be able to run at all by May. He said if I get the surgery within 2 weeks, I’ll have enough time to recover fully and run 10+ miles at the adventure race. So….working on getting a second opinion, but it looks like that’s where I’m headed! At least it is minor and fixable, and I am relived to have a solid diagnosis. I’ll definitely be keeping you all posted on the surgery, training, and rehab – just a minor bump in the road from my standpoint now, I think I’m headed for a great (and pain-free) racing season!


3 responses to “Keep on Truckin’

  1. ugg. This stinks. I am hoping and praying that you are ready to go again by May. I think if I had to do the adventure race with Wes that neither of us would be alive at the end. Let us know what we can do while you are on the mend. If you need us during PT, let me know!

  2. Laura, if you need ortho/PT recommendations, let me know. I’ve worked with most of the orthos on that side of town and I know some really great PT’s, too. Major bummer on the meniscus, but at least you found out in time to get it taken care of before the season really gets going. It really is a pretty quick recovery, especially if you go into it in the kind of shape you are!

  3. Oh, is both people being alive at the end of the race a requirement? No one told me that….darnit. I thought it was more like Survivor.

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