And a quick traning update….

We were all fighting some icky cold/flu thing off last week, but never seemed to get really sick (for which I am thankful). Last Wednesday was my longest swim ever, by a lot. See, when coach is running practice, he takes it kinda easy on me. I usually get my own side of a lane and half of what everyone else does. Sometimes I feel a little “too special” because of my way-pared-down workout, but honestly, I usually like it. Its enough to push me just a little and it allows me to really focus on my form since I am not exhausted. Enter coach’s daughter. She just throws me in and gives me the same workout as everyone else. Last week was my first Wednesday with her and I swam about 1100 yds farther than I ever have. And I did pretty okay! I figure the swims will only get longer from here. I like having the two different coaching styles ‘cuz it keeps me on my toes!
Yesterday for a long ride, Abi and I rode to REI in downtown Denver from our house. It was a gorgeous day, just knee/arm warmer type weather, and Wes had a conference downtown so he met us there for lunch. That made it much more fun. Abi was a total trooper, and I found out that when you’ve been pulling 50 pounds around all day, you don’t even get a break on the downhills! I’m pretty tired today, but nothing that tells me I did too much. I figured out based on time equivalents that if I hadn’t been pulling Abi, it would have been more like a 75 or 80 mile ride, but since I was toting her (and water, dollies, diapers, snacks galore….) it was closer to a 50 mile ride. The forerunner pooped out on me 10 miles in so I have no idea how far it actually was. I only got “lost” twice! Just don’t ask me about the headwind the last 10 or so miles back to the house….I don’t want to talk about it. The headwind and I had a nice long chat yesterday. Words were exchanged.

One response to “And a quick traning update….

  1. You two girls are a force! I can’t believe you did that…I only dream of doing things like that when the weather is nice out.

    I know about talking to the wind! I will never forget moving our things out of Stone Road so we could show the house for sale. I carried many boxes up that back hillside in the wind & snow, and loaded them into our van to go into storage. I lost 10 pounds moving our stuff around!

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