There’s nothing like a fire to put it all in perspective….

Not too bad

Not too bad

Today was a day of ups. And downs. Then BIG ups, then BIG downs, etc. It’s one of those days that feels like at least a whole week. I’m going to share the BIG up from today very, very, soon (no, I am not pregnant, so cross that one off the list) but right now I want to tell you all how thankful I am.
I just started a house fire a little over an hour ago. I know it was a mistake, and I’ll probably never do it again. I wanted to let Abi stay up to see Wes (she hasn’t seen him since Saturday because of his conference) so I started a movie for her and went up to make popcorn on the stove. I put some oil in a pan to heat up, then went down to check on Abi. I got a little distracted, and maybe two minutes later, I hear Maddy barking, then she comes downstairs and starts prancing in front of me. I figured I better go see what was up. So, I head upstairs, and just then I remembered the oil on the stove – yep, it was on fire. Whole stovetop was flames.
So I stand there for what seems like an eternity trying to decide what to do. It’s an oil fire, I know this is bad. I finally get out the extinguisher and get the sucker out (staying calm the whole time, I might add).
Then, once I know the fire is totally out I go check on Abi. House is filled with smoke, and I am really allergic to smoke (as in can’t breathe), so I scoop her up and go to our neighbor’s house. At that point I started shaking. A lot. Doug came over and aired out the house for me and checked to make sure everything was okay. He also told me later that he gave Maddy a treat and lots of love (she deserves it)!
So….I am sitting here totally spent, still a little shaky, and soo soo thankful. I am thankful for Maddy, for our neighbors, and for our home. I’m also thankful for Magic Erasers, ‘cuz that’s how I’m gonna get all the soot off my microwave, cabinets, and stove. Better get to work! Oh, and if you see my dog any time soon, give her some extra love. She takes good care of her pack.


8 responses to “There’s nothing like a fire to put it all in perspective….

  1. That is so scary, I am so glad everyone is safe.

    Maybe you should rename Maddie to Lassie…..what a good dog:)

  2. Wow! You are so not alone! I am not actually ALLOWED to make popcorn any more. Yup, it’s my favorite food and I too lit our last house on fire heating up the oil. BUT, I grabbed the pot of flaming oil and put it in the sink and turned on the water. 🙂 So the flames went from 1 foot high to 6 feet high and charred the ceiling.

    🙂 I then somehow found the baking powder. Bad day, good lesson. Everyone is safe. Great DOG!!!

  3. Troy reminds me that I did not find the baking soda (not powder) but just watched while it died out. I really stink. Bad Sonja, Good Laura!

  4. I am just glad everyone is safe. The worst thing I ever did was put on some rubber bottle tops to boil and go downstairs to strip the old paint off a cabinet. It ruined my nice revere ware pot, but nothing ignited. Now I set an alarm if I am leaving the room for any reason (even just for a minute), to remind me that I put something on the stove or in the oven; or, I just turn off the burner quickly before I leave.

  5. I’m so grateful, thankful that all of you are alright…and that you trained Maddy so well… just a thought …do you have a fire alarm in the kitchen?

  6. Oh, we do have a smoke alarm on every level, but Maddy “alerted” me way before it started going off. The smoke alarm didn’t sound until I pulled the trigger on the fire extinguisher.

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