On swift ministry burnout prevention

One thing I rarely bring up on this blog is Christian ministry. Wes and I were very active with our campus fellowship, Chi Alpha, when we were in college. We got a bit burned out and have had a season of rest from that for the past 4 years, helping out here and there in our church, but nothing too intense.
Well, as of about a month ago that has all changed again – and it’s okay! Not only okay, but good! We’re getting to witness changed lives (including our own) and the power of God while we serve in several ways. Most of the time it’s a “good busy” in addition to all the other things we do: family time, making things, training. Today was a little more….trying….as Abi and I left the house at 9am and did not return until just now (7pm) and we’ve been fighting off a flu all week, so I am exhausted. I wasn’t expecting the day to start so early, or end so late. I was expecting to get in a hike or something today.
Abi was a total trooper and I had a roller coaster of ups and downs all day long – wanting to quit, wanting to be out on my bike on a 60-degree day (which I very well can do tomorrow), wanting to take a nap, wanting to want God’s best for people, wanting to cry.
But, now it is the end of the day and I am left with a deep sense of peace and satisfaction. I suppose that living a full life, living “life to the full” (John 10:10), sometimes involves days that are also quite full. And thankfully, they’re mixed in with days that are not quite so full.


3 responses to “On swift ministry burnout prevention

  1. Great blog. I’d like to chat with you about it more some time. We talked about surrendering all areas of our lives to God yesterday and the first thing I thought was “I won’t be able to exercise or relax or invest in friends or family; i’ll be running around busy all the time.” I don’t think that is what God wants; not sure that is the first thing I thought….well, actually, I have some ideas.

    I was very encouraged by what you wrote – that a full life will some times be made up of very full days…and then some times it won’t.
    love you!

  2. Sometimes we just receive from God. After all that’s where this new life began, not of anything we have done but just by faith receiving the good news that the work of Christ has been done. He is the well from which we drink.

    Then there are times when we pour out what we have received in ministry to others from the heart of God. In John 11:34 – Jesus wept. He wept because He knew our need, He knew our hearts. When we see the world through Jesus’ eyes, we see what He sees; the need of the world for the Saviour, for healing, for comfort. All who have received Him been made ministers of reconciliation, we can bring a word in season to those in need.

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