I think this is called a breakthrough…..

abi swim
Whenever I leave for swimming (which is a lot lately) Abi asks me the same questions. The conversation goes like this:
Abi: “Mommy? Pool? Swimming?”
me:”Yes, Mommy is going to go swim. Bye, baby.”
Abi: “Noodle?”
me:”I wish I could swim with a noodle, but I can’t.”
Abi: “No noodle. Mommy ducks?”
me: “No, I can’t swim with a duck either.”
Abi (looking confused): “Pool? Swimming?”
Well, the last two months of leaving my baby in the evenings two or three times a week and all the hard work is finally showing. After wanting to quit on Monday, I had a breakthrough workout yesterday. I’m finally consistent – and getting faster. Am I still the slowest one in that pool on Wednesdays? Yep. I also managed to inhale about a gallon of water last night too and thoroughly embarrassed myself. But somehow I managed to have my best (and longest) set ever and even got faster at the end of it. It was just the little spice I needed to keep going and I am very thankful for it. I’m also thankful for Sonja letting me call and gush about it after the workout too – I was so ecstatic it felt like I had just won a race or something! Here’s to improvement.

3 responses to “I think this is called a breakthrough…..

  1. That is so great, Laura!
    Perseverance pays off again! Yes, I know this feeling of a breakthrough – I used to have a lot of them when I was training with Felix Hell! That’s why I miss him so much. He would push and push and I would practice and practice (sometimes just going through the motions, wondering if I would ever feel natural at it) – and then, finally, one day – something would go right…..Lots of times only the individual knows, or the individual and the coach, but that doesn’t matter. When you feel it, you know it.
    Way to go!

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