Mid-base blah’s

A little training update….I’m mostly focusing on the XTERRA’s this year and the Adventure Race will be a nice long base day/race/marriage-builder this year. As I am writing this it is time for swimming in an hour and I am finally at that point in base training where the excitement is wearing off. Every year I have trained hard in the past it has come to this – I wonder if I am doing enough, if I am actually getting slower (it feels like it, especially in the pool!), if I will have the money for those expensive entry fees, if it’s worth all this, if I should just go back to doing what I want when I feel like it! I know it will all come together once June rolls around, and I know from experience that the lack of speed in the legs now means I am doing what I need to for base training. It’s….just….hard and this is the point where I have given up before. Time to throw some spice in!

2 responses to “Mid-base blah’s

  1. I was going through the same this morning. Somedays it seems like it would be so nice to just have walking the dog be my exercise! haha …but then I had two great workouts and now I’m out of the funk. Have a great swim tonite + hope to see you at the Y later this week =)

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