Another quick getaway

Our playgroup rented a house in Tabernash this weekend so we got to head up to the snow for some fun. Abi had a great time screeching, painting, sledding, and running around with her buddies. Wes and I had a great time too, relaxing and having fun with friends. We also had a long training day on Saturday, meeting our January AR training goals and getting good and sunburned. We started out going for a snowshoe hike with everyone – pregnant mommies, new babies, and all! We are so blessed to have friends that aren’t afraid to get out in the snow to have some fun. Note to self- use the backpack and not the Chariot next time. We were curious to see if it would work and Wes said it was pretty tough going.

The crew out for a snowshoe

The crew out for a snowshoe

In the afternoon, Wes, Abi and I met up with some of his co-workers at Devil’s Thumb Ranch for some XC Skiing. It was a beautiful day to be outside – it started at 9 degrees but got up to a balmy 35 I think!
At the house, we had crafts galore for the kids, a game night, and lots of good food. There was also a steep hill behind the house that the boys went tubing on and Sunday morning Liz and I decided to give it a go. It was REALLY fun! Abi was yelling out the window of the house “Mommy Snow! Yay!”
Overall, it was another great weekend and we came home tired & happy.
We took turns playing air hockey with the kids

We took turns playing air hockey with the kids


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