Happy Trails to you in Scottsdale, Arizona

Thought I’d share a trails review of our recent trip to the desert. According to our relatives, January through April would be the best months for an out-of-town visit if you are planning on hitting the dirt.
Our first ride was at the extensive trail system at Pima and Dynamite. The trails are all interconnected, lots of short up and down riding across washes. Stay away from the doubletrack/road under the powerlines though (#20) – the gravel is loose and deep, which does not make for good riding! I think our favorite trail was #15 which had enough technical spots to keep things interesting but was fast and furious at the same time.
Another HUGE bonus, we thought, was that on a Friday morning we had the whole trail system to ourselves. When we can get out here in Colorado on a weekday, we are never, ever alone. Even on terrible days.

Riding at Pima & Dynamite

Riding at Pima & Dynamite

There is also a great shop, Pinnacle Peaks Cyclery, nearby. We had to stop there after our ride – we realized after Wes got a puncture that we didn’t have any glue for our flat kits.
The next day we hit up the trails at McDowell Mountain Park. We drove up to the entrance, paid our $6 entry, and headed to the “competitive track” area. I think the name is kinda ridiculous and the extremely detailed map they give you at the entrance says it’s for “racing and testing one’s skills.” That aside, once we started riding (we rode the long loop first, then the technical loop) we were in heaven. It was a great steady aerobic workout with lots of varied terrain. There are all these little points along the trail with crazy names inscribed on wooden signs, just like the names that local mountain bikers will give specific sections of trail. There was a nice variety of vegetation types that we rode through as well. I LOVED this place. I also really liked how there was only one direction of travel on each loop. At first this may seem like over-management, but it allowed us to keep moving at a good pace without having to constantly pull over for riders heading the other way. There is also a longer ride available in the area on gravel roads and doubletrack, but the competitive track area was a treat. It would also be a great place for trail running. Of course, if I have my bike with me, there isn’t much chance of me doing that.


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