Off to warmer trails…..

I’m in the long process of loading up the Jeep today for our trip down to Arizona. This will be our longest road trip with Abi, and I am hoping no one gets stick this time. I am half expecting someone to start puking in the next 4 hours. I really need to have a little more faith!
So far I have made lots of homemade snacking goodies, made our dinner for the road, packed clothes and oodles of toys, and gotten the Jeep serviced for our big trip. Now I just have to load up all that stuff before Wes gets home.
Last night we made the tough call (at least tough for me) to forego seeing the Grand Canyon. It is really cold there, and it would be many extra hours in the car for a quick peek. Someday I will get to go.
I can hardly wait to go mountain biking where it is warmer, and see our Dickinson side of the family again! Think healthy, safe, warm thoughts for us….

3 responses to “Off to warmer trails…..

  1. I hope you all arrived there safely and are having a wonderful time. It is a really cold here in the burg! Love you.

  2. Thinking safe thoughts for your travels. Thank you for your sweet phone call. You can come to the GC in a few months with me when I attempt a R2R2R run.

    I hope abi doesn’t puke!

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