Snowshoe O

This morning we all headed up to Eldora for our first go at an orienteering competition. We figured this was a great way to get in one of our workouts and to practice for the orienteering portion of our adventure race (different and separate from the navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint!).
As we were driving up we started to notice the wind. Just a little a first…..then a LOT. And where we live, we are used to wind. Today was supposed to be nice and warm (40-ish) and sunny. Up at the Nordic Center when we checked in, it was bitter cold.
We decided that I would go first, on the snowshoes, while Wes took some ski time with Abi in the Chariot (thank goodness it’s windproof).

Me out on the course when I ran by control #2 3 times....

Me out on the course when I ran by control #2 3 times....

I did the short course, which had 10 control points and it took me a little over an hour I think. I was pretty comfortable navigating, but I did make one mistake by running right by one control 2 times before I finally saw it the 3rd time and that took up about 20 minutes! This was the first time I have done an organized orienteering competition, so it was fun to get back in the groove of map reading while moving fast. This one dude kept catching up to me so I would work harder to lose him between control points. I had a blast. When I got back to the Nordic center, though, Wes and Abi were done. The wind was just too much for Abi and the warming hut was smushed full of people, so we headed home to hot showers and soup. Next time, Wes gets to go first! We can’t wait to do some more of these!


2 responses to “Snowshoe O

  1. I did an orienteering race in college once. It was Valentines Day themed, and was all over the campus, and took you to about 40 of several hundred pieces in an extensive art collection on the UCSD campus. I LOVED IT. I did it with a friend and he was walking, and I was running to all the checkpoints and making fun of him. I have always wanted to give it another try!

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