Happy New Year

Well its 2009 already and it seems to have snuck up on us. I am making a habit of going through the oodles of digital pics we take and making a yearly photo album. This was a nice way to look back on the past year and think about all that has happened. Some notable 2008 happenings were:
– Abi going from baby to toddler
– Abi actually growing some hair
– Laura finally doing that Xterra she’s talked about for 5 years
– Wes going from Engineering to Operations and back, doing it all with gusto
– Surviving 6 rounds of the stomach flu (we have it down to a science now)
– Many, many wonderful visits with out of town family and friends
– A nice feeling of settling here in CO and connecting with people here
– Lots of family happenings at the end of ’08: both my siblings are engaged, and other excitement of the baby variety from Wes’ sis.

That said, I did take a look at our goals from 2008. They were:

Faith: 1. Spend part of Abi’s first (or only, hehe) nap of the day in prayer.
Managed to do this most of the year. Very, very helpful. Also, first nap is a term I have not used in a while…unless you mean first nap of the week.
2. Commit to helping with the fledgling dance team at church.
Tried to do this, but got turned down so maybe now is not the time. No dance team to speak of.
Family: 1. Take each Sunday, or at least every other Sunday, as a no-internet, no TV, no Video Games day. Spend that time playing, talking, reading, or napping.
Ummm…..yeahright. It was a good idea. We have no-tech days periodically though.
2. Remember family birthdays and anniversaries!
Doing better…..
Friends: 1. Have friends over for dinner once a month.
I think we did this most months. This is an easy one.
Fitness: 1. Complete at least one XTERRA race this summer, finally!! That also includes one sprint-distance on road Triathlon to get ready.
Done and can’t wait to do more Xterras and stay away from road tris (except to cheer on friends).
2. Eat fish once a week.
Don’t even remember writing this. I think we ate more fish than usual.
Finance / Professional: 1. Join Society of American Foresters.
Definitely didn’t do this. I don’t think the SAF noticed.
2. Start and contribute monthly to Abi’s college fund.
Decided to stick with Dave Ramsey and get my college paid off first!

So this year’s goals are shorter and harder.
In 2009:
We will save up 3 months expenses and pay off that last loan once and for all. We hope to be with no debt but our mortgage by October.
Wes and I will complete a 12-hour adventure race.
We will seek God’s guidance and word in more aspects of our family life than before.
I will live more in the present.
Abi will strive to outgrow her mullet by growing some more hair on top.

So….there you have it. A look back and a look ahead from where Wes, Laura, and Abi stand. We pray that your 2009 is filled with hope, no matter what comes your way.


2 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. You are so brave. I would never publicly admit to whether I made the goal on any of my resolutions!! You and your family are awesome!

    My goals are always the same – pray more, visit with family, be more fit, & learn new music. If I have time to do these things it means that no big crisis is happening close by. That’s what I call a Happy New Year!

  2. I especially like Abi’s goal. Ron preached at DP today – a good word about learning from the past but not living in it (or wanting to)…sounds like you could share some thoughts on it too – about living in the present.

    I think that is a good goal for me this year too.

    Love you!

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