Swimming update

So, swimming is going swimmingly. I am feeling really positive about this master’s group that I am going to (actually, so far I have been the only masters swimmer, the rest are triathletes or kids). Yesterday I swam 2800 yds in an hour, which isn’t much for many people, but it was the farthest I have ever swam (swum?). I don’t have the motivation to do that on my own.
Abi definitely seems to have turned 2 already, the orneriness is at an all-time high. We love her anyway.
We are finishing up our Christmas preparations today – Christmas dinner is ready to go in the oven, presents are finished, packages mailed, and we just need to clean the house. Tomorrow should be a fun day of relaxing. We’re hoping to get out to xc ski several times this week as well.


One response to “Swimming update

  1. I say, old girl, that is a swimmingly good report!

    You are a master at holiday preparations, which require extreme organization skills….I knew this ever since you made a schedule to get 17 entries done for the 4-H fair – when you were 11 years old!!

    I’m not doing too bad, myself, but I have to go do the wrapping. Bye.

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