Weekend Update

After working 7 straight, long days, Wes finally gets some time off so we are making the best of it. Friday I went to the third master’s swim workout of the week. I just started on Monday, so 3 workouts later, I am quite sore and tired. I am also really excited about swimming with people, I really like the coaches, and I’ll be improving my stroke and endurance in the water! Add to that the lifting and running….and…I thought I was sore but then my friend Sonja ran 46.58 miles from Highlands Ranch to Boulder. Um, yeah, for real. I was lucky enough to join in for a short while Saturday and it was nothing short of inspiring. I’m kind of at a loss for what else to call it. Truly amazing.
Today we drove up to Ft. Collins to see Chris, Monique, their new pup Finley, and Chris’ sisters. We went to a paint your own pottery place with Abi and she had a great time, evidenced by the paint all over her. It was so nice to see family, even if for a short while, during the Christmas season.


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