Advent: What is it?

So my previous two posts have been pictures of activities we have been doing to celebrate the season of Advent. Advent, simply put, means coming. To a Christian family like ours, Advent has a dual meaning: looking back and remembering when Christ came and lived among us and brought God’s grace for all who accept, and looking forward and anticipating His coming again as a judge and warrior. Many churches and families forget this second part to Advent, but for us, it is as much a cause for celebration and Hope as the first. In some ways it is even more relevant because it keeps us looking forward in faith.
That said, children especially benefit from visual reminders and rituals to celebrate seasons like this. Wes and I have found that the liturgical traditions of the church have become more steeped in meaning as we have taken ownership of our faith. Some may think them trite or meaningless, but we find just the opposite to be true. Lighting Advent candles on our makeshift wreath, reading scripture and special books, counting the days to Christmas, sharing with those in our community (even animals!), making traditional food, and creating things for one another connect us to a story that is bigger than ourselves, something that gives us Hope and Purpose for the rest of the year.
So that’s how and why we celebrate Advent, and a peek at the traditions we are sharing with Abi this year. She looooves blowing out those candles.


One response to “Advent: What is it?

  1. That is really cool Laura. I miss doing that stuff with Mom & Dad, especially the advent wreath. I loved lighting a new candle every week.

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