7 things…..

My friend Morgan just did the 7 things about me blog, so I thought I would give it a shot. I’ll try to think of things you don’t already pick up from the blog, which will be hard, because I’m not super-duper interesting.
1. I REALLY like grapefruit. Like when I see them in the store when they first come into season, my mouth starts watering. This just started 4 years ago, I hated them before.

2. I used to listen to positive hardcore and punk. I actually still like most of it.
3. I started taking dance classes as an adult. I also performed (ballet, hip hop, modern) with the dance studio at their show. Haven’t done it since Abi was born.
4. I REALLY like to sleep. Sleep in, take naps. I just don’t get to most of the time.
5. I am a good test-taker. Not to be confused with a good student.
6. I am horrible at bowling. I actually go for the lowest score possible (56 so far….)
7. I hate knitting but secretly wish I liked it. I think it has something to do with being left-handed. I wish I liked it so I could make some cool socks. But I hate it.


3 responses to “7 things…..

  1. Yeah, you did the 7 things post! I didn’t know about the grapefruit thing, but that picture does make them look very tasty….

  2. Mmmm.That grapefruit is making me hungry. If you were close, I’d bring you some good ones when I come back from visiting my fam for Christmas!

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