Jumping up and down excited

Ok, maybe it’s silly, but I am sooo excited about the XTERRA schedule changes for this year. It’s looking like less traveling and more racing, and people won’t have to race at Nationals to earn a Worlds spot. That means the race at Beaver Creek is going to be super-INTENSE. And. get this – Nationals will be in Utah (not Reno) so we might even be able to afford that trip!
This post is probably just for me, but man o man I am pumped for next summer now, and ready to get on my bike. This may (or may not) hold off the second baby fever that I can see quickly approaching.


2 responses to “Jumping up and down excited

  1. second-baby fever?!?!?! woman, it wasn’t that long ago you were feeling completely overwhelmed! i remember it! (and if I remember it, it REALLY wasn’t long ago)

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