Get-Well Soup

Well I woke up today really, really sick. I think it is some version of the flu, since I got the flu shot* last week and started feeling bad after that. I am trying to count my blessings and do what I can to get healthy! I made myself some get-well soup after I rose from my sleep coma. Here’s the coolest part: I went outside and harvested 4 turnips from my garden to add to the soup. Yup. And it was 7 degrees out only 3 nights ago. I love my little makeshift old window cold-frame. The whole fall garden thing has been really easy- I neglect it all the time and it just sits there and grows really, really slowly. I added 4 little turnips (Shogoin variety, really mild and small) and some of the smaller turnip greens to the chicken stock, veggies, noodles, and leftover chicken. And that soup was goooood.
*I know many of my readers are anti-vax. Please email me personally if you want to discuss this. I am very open to that. Just not open to discussing it here.


4 responses to “Get-Well Soup

  1. Did anything else “turn up” while you were out there digging?
    That is so cool that you have your own fresh root vegetables.
    I am jealous.

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon! Maybe Abi can feed you soup like she gives herself hot chocolate:)

  3. Next time you are sick you can try the remedy that cured Chris when he was little. 2 glasses of cold duck. Nothing like getting a kid drunk to make them forget that they are sick….LOL

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