Then & Now

I guess old habits die hard. I just have more people (and dogs) to come along for the fun now.
Check out the hot early-90’s Specialized jacket and the all-steel Stumpy with the custom paint job. Some things change (thankfully) and others stay the same.






4 responses to “Then & Now

  1. The more things change the more things stay the same. Good for you, you still have individual goals and dreams as well as family and community goals. I think you are awesome. Remember, the neighbors noticed that when you were Abigail’s age, riding your first bike! The bike pictures are great. I especially like the accessories you have now (Abi and Maddy, house, and cars).

  2. that “isn’t there ANYTHING else we can be doing?” look on maddy’s face is priceless.

    i have to admit, when the weather looks like that, i cast a glance over at the trainer for a minute or two and then decide i’m in need of a rest day. which probably explains this funny roll around my midsection.

  3. Hah, yeah it kinda looks like that. Except she LOVED it, she never gets to run along while we mtn bike anymore (too many people out here) but the snow gave us a perfect chance to do it. That dog can run 10 miles or more with no problem.

  4. sweet pics!! you’re so hardcore — then and now! i fall all over just running in this stuff, i can’t imagine riding, especially w/ a kid attached!! you got some mad skillz =)

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