Thanksgiving weekend

Sorry for the dual post today – we’ve been busy this weekend!
Today was out first “real” snow – enough to put Abi in her snowsuit for this winter and go play. Wes is out sledding with her on box tops right now. Abi loooooves the “nnnow.”
Yesterday we put up Christmas lights and a wreath and I am so psyched because we figured out how to use our automatic light timer this year. Now we don’t have to remember to go unplug them (which we never do anyway).
Thanks giving was fun, we went to the Porters (our friends from small group) along with their family and the Hostetlers and the food was AMAZING. Wes and I had every intention of riding trainers afterward, but the food coma came on quickly……


3 responses to “Thanksgiving weekend

  1. We missed you here, but I’m glad you had a nice, relaxing day.
    We are still snacking on leftovers….and we never get on exercise machines.

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