Card Table Playhouse

For Christmas this year, we decided to spend $50 or less on each person in our immediate family and to make all our other gifts (ok, I’ve gone a little over on Abi, but like $5). My sewing area has pretty much turned into Santa’s workshop and I am growing pointy ears (just kidding).
For Abi I wanted to make her a card table playhouse. The best part about a toy like this – it’s totally collapsible! It’s just something you drape over a standard card table to make it into a play house. My Grandma had one for us when we were kids and I remember playing in it for hours – it was linen and embroidered, with flowers growing on the sides and a mailbox by the door. I decided to make Abi’s out of felt to cut down on the amount of actual sewing I had to do, and I went with a log cabin theme. I have plans to paint some outdoorsy murals on the playroom walls someday, so I figured the cabin would fit right in. The materials were a grand total of $15, and I am now the proud owner of a huge stash of colored felt.
Here’s some pictures, and if you’re interested in how I did it, please comment me and I might be convinced to make up a tutorial or at the very least answer your questions. I really hope Abi loves it, but if she doesn’t I’ll probably take naps in there or something.

card table house
Main view of the house, see the little mail for the mailbox?


8 responses to “Card Table Playhouse

  1. Laura!!! It turned out soooooo goood! I am in love with it. Man, you rocked it on this craft. So really, only $15 in materials? I thought it would have been more. Maybe I will have to endeavor in this. LOVE IT!

  2. What little girl wouldn’t love this card table house?
    I even know some big girls that would like to play in it!
    You have exceeded yourself in craftiness….

  3. Oh my goodness – I LOVE it!!! I definitely need directions for this – I’m already brainstorming ideas for Drew; I’m starting to get craftier these days. I’m even remembering how to use a sewing machine – before last week, it had been since I was 11! Comes back quickly. Can you refer me to directions/website/hints?

  4. Hey Laura,

    that looks great. I remember my mom made that for my cousins for Christmas. I was thinking when I looked at it, I wonder if you could make detachable flowers, leaves, (stuff for every season) that Abi could attach to the house with velcro. That way she could decorate her house for the seasons.

  5. Yeah, I do want to make detachable pieces, but the felt is pretty flimsy for a 2-year old. I’m almost 100% sure she would rip them. Maybe that will be a good add-on for when she turns 4! Or maybe I need stiffer felt!

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