Brace yourself

Our little darling started climbing out of her crib this weekend. Not just once- 3 times, which made naptime yesterday very…..uh…..frustrating. In the interest of keeping her safe, we went ahead and converted her bed to the toddler bed, which just involves removing one side of the crib and putting in a little rail to hold that side of the mattress.
Toddler beds seem a little silly to me (as do cribs for newborns), but I have to say that the transition has been fairly smooth so far- the bed looks almost exactly the same, and is in the same place. Abi has been a pretty independent sleeper since about 6 months of age, making it known that she prefers her own space, and lots of it. As soon as Wes made the switch last night, she grabbed a book, hopped right up in her bed (which is all of 10 inches off the floor) and started playing “night-night” with her baby doll.
What shocked me the most was my reaction to this climbing out of the crib business. I was so mad at first, and then really upset. I think some of it is the shock of how fast she is growing up, she has done quite a few things earlier than I have wanted her to. Which is silly, because it’s not like she should tailor her developmental stages to my wishes. And if she was later than I wanted, then I would worry. Silly.
At least she can’t open doors yet (too short). I’m sure that’s coming soon though.


5 responses to “Brace yourself

  1. The look on Abi’s face says it all. She is so ready for the “big bed”. I remember how suprised Mom and I were the first morning we found that you had climbed out, it was like yesterday. Don’t blink, life moves fast. Enjoy it!

  2. Abi is in her big bed, whooohoo!
    I love the baby gate we put on Jackson’s door, so we can get him, and LOVE the door hinge thing (cost less than $2)that we got for the front door. Opening doors sounds like she is on schedule!!

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