…can’t stand the POLITICS!

If you’ve heard Brian Regan’s skit on the butterfly pavilion, then you’ll get the title. Otherwise, ignore. Our playgroup went to the butterfly pavilion today. It was kind of interesting because most of the kids were completely freaked out by the butterflies flying around loose and en masse inside. They actually seemed to prefer the tarantulas and giant bug statues (which I was completely freaked out by). So here are a couple of pics from our fun morning.


2 responses to “…can’t stand the POLITICS!

  1. I LOVE the title! I laughed for a good minute going through that skit in my head. I think Brian Regan is the funniest comedian I’ve heard.

  2. These pictures kinda bug me, but they are really neato!
    Abi is sooo inquisitive. She is definitely on a fact-finding mission every day!

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