Hanging on

If you think my posting has slowed for a bit, you’re right. Things are a little crazy around here on many levels. The main issue is that the mine just announced they will be laying off 1/6th of their workforce in the next two months. This has our heads reeling – Wes thought he was safe at first, but as the week has progressed we feel……on edge. So, what do we do for the next two months? Freak out (I’m good at it)? Plaster Denver with our resumes? Find a large (preferably warm) cave and hide in it (my personal favorite)? Blame the Democrats since they have never been mining-friendly (too easy)?
Nah. Life as usual. Mostly.
Sure, we aren’t sleeping as well these days. But, we have faith. And the one thing we know is that situations like this only serve to increase it. God will take care of us – that may mean Wes keeping his job, or it may mean him losing it. Either way, we will be fine. We’re trying to look at this as an opportunity. How many people our age get a professional job and plan on staying there – a career move? Then they get stuck in a rut, and before you know it, it’s time to retire. With a nice retirement fund. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that is not the lifestyle we chose when Wes took on mining engineering as a career. We don’t like life to get too comfortable (hence living in Elko). Our security does not lie in a job, or the lack of it. We got in on a boom, and now we’re living through a bust. That is what mining consists of as an industry. So, if the worst happens, we’re preparing: financially, mentally, emotionally. And we’re continuing to live life to the fullest.
I’m sharing all this not to make you feel bad for us, or worry for us. Please don’t. I’m sharing this because I know that so many families are facing this same exact situation right now – and I hope that our lives, in some way, might be a tiny encouragement to someone else.
So, future posts might consist of what we’re doing to prepare and how we’re living life in the midst of it all.


4 responses to “Hanging on

  1. Since Ben & I have been married, he has been laid off twice. Both times, it ended up being a very welcome change, and we were actually hoping for the second layoff. It can be kind of stressful, but it is also a part of life sometimes. If Wes does get laid off, make sure he doesn’t spend ALL his time looking for a new job and takes some time to decompress and enjoy his family.

  2. Hans and I are both confident that Wes will not lose his job. I do not want to pump you full of false hope. But, we both have this feeling that Wes is safe. We will pray for this specifically and trust in Gods plan for your lives. I wanted to offer a piece of scripture that might give you some security. It’s Psalm 62 the first two versus. Remember the God is steady and calm through this. Lean to him for strength. Also, I just read a book you might like. It’s called The Shack by Paul Young.

  3. You know Laura, I know you pretty well and I think if the worst of the worst happens you will throw your little fit for a day or two and then you will rally and make life better because of it. Life deals us complications, you have always been one to respond with strength and honesty through the situation. I have no doubt you will continue to do so.

    Hug each other a lot.

    xo son

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