Wes and his water heater

Wes and his water heater

We have hot water already. Can you believe that? AND, Wes saved us over $1000 by doing it himself. I know for sure because I got a quote yesterday that made us quite unhappy.
Overall, today was a much better day all around. My pain level was way down. Abi and I spent the morning with Sonja and Annie (and used their tub, many thanks!!), and it was such a nice, sane break from all the craziness at home. It was a good start to a much better day with much more positive thinking involved on my part!
We covered our new gas water heater with one of those insulating blankets to save energy. I dressed it up a little bit with some artwork graffiti.
Nope, Wes is not for hire. I’m keeping his handiness to myself (ok, or anyone we know who needs help). Here’s looking forward to a happy, healthy weekend. With several hot showers.


4 responses to “Hot!

  1. Wow! That was Fast! Just check and make sure it is okay to wrap a gas heater. I thought you were not supposed to (not recommended for this type of heater).

    Congratulations! You can plumb out next cabin!

  2. Congrats on the new water heater. I never knew Wes had mad plumbing skills…what other talents are hiding…

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